Introduction To Google Web Designer

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There are many professional web design software out there, but most of them are paid only. Google, as the biggest company in the website and internet industry, provides a free alternative for designing website. Google Web Designer is an application provided by Google for web design.Google Web Designer works as a program for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. It offers a graphical user interface (GUI) to create an interactive web content, specifically in HTML5 language. HTML5 is best known as an advancement to the old version of HTML, by supporting interactivity and independency, without too much help from other web programming languages like Javascript and CSS.One of the best features of Google Web Designer is its ability to layout a website for any screen—PC, smartphone, or tablet.

So, your web design will work for any kinds of devices with any sizes of screen. Google guaranteed no compatibility issues will happen to your web design.The GUI of Google Web Designer makes it feel like you are making a layout for a print publication. It is like you are using Paint or other drawing application because you do not have to understand the code behind your web design. However, if you want and if you understand, you can easily handle the coding of your web design (in CSS language).Basic features like Shapes tool, Pen tool, and Fonts are available. It is even supported with3D tool to show 3D objects for your web design. Of course, Google made it easy for you to add other Google services like Google Maps and Youtube into your web design. Fonts are enriched with the support of Google Web Fonts, so you can use as many kinds of fonts as you want. You can also monetize your web by adding AdMob and ads space into your web design.

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Modern Web Design Softwares

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When it comes to web design, many people (especially beginners) usually throw their excuses, that they do not understand coding. So, they think web design is hard, takes a good understanding of programming language, and—the most irritating of all—takes a lot of time. That is why, people usually hire a web designer to design their websites, especially if the website is for professional use.However, many people have not realized that web design is actually a do-it-yourself task. When you want to launch a website, the only person who knows how the website should look is yourself. Moreover, if you want a detailed design for your website, I think ideally you should design your own website.

The good thing is, web design is getting easier nowadays. There are tons of ready-to-use templates to build upon for your website, so you just have to install one and customize it a little.Or, you can consider using the modern web design software. Although some of them are for professional use and paid-only, there are also lots of them that are free. These modern web design softwares are easy to use. You don’t have to do any coding whatsoever—all you need is just a simple drag-and-drop task. As always, there are also many professionally designed templates provided that are ready to use and customize.

These modern web design software susually come with technical maintenance supports. Some of these supports are paid, but they provide affordable prices for 24/7 supports.Some of the most popular modern web design softwares are Wix, Square space, and Weebly. These softwares also works as online services, so you can actually design your website on the web itself. There is no need for download and upload because your web design will automatically be applied on your website on the go.

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Several Factors To Consider Before Designing Your Website

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 Do you blog? If so, that is great! The blog is the simplest form of a website, so by blogging, it means that you already manage your own website. You can call yourself a website administrator now!Managing a website is not always about keeping it updated by posting routinely. Managing a website also means creating the best look of your website, so that visitors and readers can visit and read your website in the most convenient, fun way.It brings us to web designing. When you build a website from scratch, web design and layout is the first and foremost thing you have to be reminded with. Your decision to web design also affects your decision to other aspects of your websites, like the kinds or categories of your posts, on what platform your website will be made upon, and other features you want to show on your websites.There are several factors you should consider before designing your website. One important factor is, remember that although web design is important, never make it overdone. Too much web design will be a burden to your website bandwidth.

You should always make it easy for visitors to load your website on their browser. Don’t install third-party plugins if you do not really need it because third-party plugins usually load from third-party services. Also, don’t put big images on your website. Always compress your images.Another factor you should consider is about the nature of your website. Is it mostly text? Or is it, like, a fashion blog where you have to show lots of images? If your website is a news site or text-based site, consider choosing large and easy-to-read fonts. If it contains lots of images, like a photography blog or fashion website, consider installing slideshow plugins.

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Web Design-Designing WordPress

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When it comes to the content management system and website platform, you should never ignore WordPress. WordPress has become world’s largest and most used platform to build blogs and websites. More than 26% of the website under content management system technologies is now constructed using WordPress, while the rest is made using a variety of platforms like Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, and other new platforms.One of the reasons why WordPress becomes so popular is because it is so easy to design WordPress web. WordPress provides lots of free and paid templates to be easily applied to your website. Although these templates are ready to use, you still can customize them so that your website looks unique and different from other websites.

The keys to designing web made using WordPress are widgets and plugins. WordPress have tons of available widgets and plugins to be downloaded for free and applied to your website just easily. Some of them were made by, but many of them were made by other WordPress users in the WordPress community. Although the safety of these widgets and plugins is guaranteed, you should still be cautious to not install suspicious widget and plugin to avoid damage on your websites.Of course, you do not need to understand CSS language and coding to design your web. WordPress widgets and plugins are mostly easy to use—you just have to download it, activate it, and customize the setting to accommodate your needs. When you do not feel like needing the widgets and plugins any longer, you can safely deactivate and remove it without damaging your website.One last important thing: whenever you feel stuck and need some inspirations to design your web, go to to see a showcase of templates. You can also do some Google searches to see some other beautiful websites made using WordPress.

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