Introduction To Google Web Designer

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There are many professional web design software out there, but most of them are paid only. Google, as the biggest company in the website and internet industry, provides a free alternative for designing website. Google Web Designer is an application provided by Google for web design.Google Web Designer works as a program for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. It offers a graphical user interface (GUI) to create an interactive web content, specifically in HTML5 language. HTML5 is best known as an advancement to the old version of HTML, by supporting interactivity and independency, without too much help from other web programming languages like Javascript and CSS.One of the best features of Google Web Designer is its ability to layout a website for any screen—PC, smartphone, or tablet.

So, your web design will work for any kinds of devices with any sizes of screen. Google guaranteed no compatibility issues will happen to your web design.The GUI of Google Web Designer makes it feel like you are making a layout for a print publication. It is like you are using Paint or other drawing application because you do not have to understand the code behind your web design. However, if you want and if you understand, you can easily handle the coding of your web design (in CSS language).Basic features like Shapes tool, Pen tool, and Fonts are available. It is even supported with3D tool to show 3D objects for your web design. Of course, Google made it easy for you to add other Google services like Google Maps and Youtube into your web design. Fonts are enriched with the support of Google Web Fonts, so you can use as many kinds of fonts as you want. You can also monetize your web by adding AdMob and ads space into your web design.