Several Factors To Consider Before Designing Your Website

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 Do you blog? If so, that is great! The blog is the simplest form of a website, so by blogging, it means that you already manage your own website. You can call yourself a website administrator now!Managing a website is not always about keeping it updated by posting routinely. Managing a website also means creating the best look of your website, so that visitors and readers can visit and read your website in the most convenient, fun way.It brings us to web designing. When you build a website from scratch, web design and layout is the first and foremost thing you have to be reminded with. Your decision to web design also affects your decision to other aspects of your websites, like the kinds or categories of your posts, on what platform your website will be made upon, and other features you want to show on your websites.There are several factors you should consider before designing your website. One important factor is, remember that although web design is important, never make it overdone. Too much web design will be a burden to your website bandwidth.

You should always make it easy for visitors to load your website on their browser. Don’t install third-party plugins if you do not really need it because third-party plugins usually load from third-party services. Also, don’t put big images on your website. Always compress your images.Another factor you should consider is about the nature of your website. Is it mostly text? Or is it, like, a fashion blog where you have to show lots of images? If your website is a news site or text-based site, consider choosing large and easy-to-read fonts. If it contains lots of images, like a photography blog or fashion website, consider installing slideshow plugins.