Web Design-Designing WordPress

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When it comes to the content management system and website platform, you should never ignore WordPress. WordPress has become world’s largest and most used platform to build blogs and websites. More than 26% of the website under content management system technologies is now constructed using WordPress, while the rest is made using a variety of platforms like Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, and other new platforms.One of the reasons why WordPress becomes so popular is because it is so easy to design WordPress web. WordPress provides lots of free and paid templates to be easily applied to your website. Although these templates are ready to use, you still can customize them so that your website looks unique and different from other websites.

The keys to designing web made using WordPress are widgets and plugins. WordPress have tons of available widgets and plugins to be downloaded for free and applied to your website just easily. Some of them were made by WordPress.org, but many of them were made by other WordPress users in the WordPress community. Although the safety of these widgets and plugins is guaranteed, you should still be cautious to not install suspicious widget and plugin to avoid damage on your websites.Of course, you do not need to understand CSS language and coding to design your web. WordPress widgets and plugins are mostly easy to use—you just have to download it, activate it, and customize the setting to accommodate your needs. When you do not feel like needing the widgets and plugins any longer, you can safely deactivate and remove it without damaging your website.One last important thing: whenever you feel stuck and need some inspirations to design your web, go to WordPress.org to see a showcase of templates. You can also do some Google searches to see some other beautiful websites made using WordPress.